What’s this blog all about?

Travel websites are a dime-a-dozen—hotels are appraised, restaurants are reviewed and tourist attractions are analysed. I hope to not add to your confusion; instead, I want to help, as a humble traveller, not an expert.

My wanderlust, and love for food have ensured I travel the globe, traversing from Mumbai to New York. In my blog, I share my experiences in the form of handy lists you can carry along on your own journeys— and tick off each of your experiences..

·       Restaurants — that serve great vegetarian food

·       Tourist attractions — the obvious and the obscure

·       Activities — what to do and what to avoid

·       How to travel within a city – escaping traffic and enjoying the place

·       Advice from locals and fellow travellers – because no one knows a place better than the people who live there or have visited

This blog is for everyone, people who are planning to move to a city or those who just visit. I’d love if you could share comments, criticisms and your experiences so I can keep my blog alive and well updated.


7 thoughts on “What’s this blog all about?

  1. Kavina Shah

    Really good insights on places. Will def try them out! Thanks

  2. Prisha Desai

    Really like the blog a lot. Keep going Buddy!

  3. nothing concrete .. I know you have .. share and will put it up as well.

  4. Parminder Alhuwalia

    Great Insights!

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